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Situated on the banks of the Chaliyar River, Nilambur is beautiful town in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Famous for having the world's first teak plantation raised in the Conolly Plot about 150 years ago, the Teak Museum here is worth visiting if you travel to Nilambur..

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When we step into a new home, it marks a new beginning for us. We are ought to start to arrange things and start a new journey. A home also means new memories. You can give it to anyone you know moving to a new place.


It is not just the walls and furniture that make a house feel like home. It is love which makes it home. We can only feel that love when we share our home with that special someone. Their love makes it feel like home

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Nilambur. This lovely place is located in eastern part of Malappuram.A stand out destination in many respects, Nilambur is known for its teak trees, bamboo woods and paddy fields.

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Adyanpara Waterfalls

Adyanpara Waterfalls are located in Nilambur in Malappuram district. It is among the most relaxing spots in the area. Adyanpara is an excellent spot for a nice swim and is easily accessible by road. The water itself is clean and pure and has had medicinal properties attributed to it. Located in Kurmbalangodu village (around 14 km away from Nilambur town), it is among the most picturesque destinations in the area.

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Teak Museum

Teak Museum is located 4 km from Nilambur, a town in the Malappuram district of Kerala, South India. Teak occurs naturally in India with the main teak forests found in Kerala

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Nedumkayam Forest

Nedumkayam is 14 km from Nilambur town, in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. Nedumkayam is noted especially for its rich rain forests. The wooden resthouse built here by the British offers a panoramic view of the elephant and deer grazing in the forest nearby . One has to get prior permission from the Indian Forest Service to enter the forest zone.

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